Theology is for Everyone

Quick, think of a famous theologian. What names popped in your head? Augustine? Aquinas? Martin Luther? C. S. Lewis? Chances are, if I asked you to name the top 5 theologians throughout history you would list 5 men. But theology isn’t limited to men. Theology is for everyone and Project Priscilla is our attempt to reclaim theology for women.

Priscilla was a theologian in the first century church. She, along with her husband Aquila, were hosts and co-workers of Paul (Acts 18). They also mentored Apollos and corrected his theology, and hosted a church in their home. Priscilla was an active part of the ministry of the early church. She was regarded as a co-worker by Paul and her name is usually listed before her husband’s.

Priscilla was not afraid to use the gifts God had given her for the edification or building up of the church.

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