Scary Costumes From the Bible

Our Top Picks for Your Bible-Themed Costume Party

Do you have a Halloween party, Fall Party, Harvest Festival, or some similar end-of-October party coming up? Have the organizers tried to tone it down and control the crowd by requiring all party-goers to dress as Bible characters? Have you been invited to wear a scary costume and you want to honor your strong Evangelical roots? Never fear, Project Priscilla is here to help you choose from among the scariest and most gruesome costumes in the Bible. Not only will you steal the spotlight with your creepy creativeness, you’ll also have a witnessing opportunity every time someone asks you to explain your costume.


Let’s start with an easy one, the most evil character in the Bible: Satan. But don’t mistake this for boring; there are a lot of options when it comes to a Satan costume. Of course you can always stick with the traditional red outfit with horns and a pitchfork, but for a new twist, try one of these Biblical varieties: serpent (Genesis 3:1), fallen star (Isaiah 14:12), shooting lightning (Luke 10:18), angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), dragon (Revelation 12:9), or roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8). With a little creativity, you will stand out from all the other devils at the party.

John the Baptist

John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus and itinerant wilderness preacher, was a formidable presence with his camel hair robe, leather belt, and unusual diet. However, the most gruesome version of this costume is the headless John the Baptist, post execution. Be sure to carry the severed head on a platter for the full effect. Matthew 3:1, 4; 14:10-11


Witch of Endor

Are black, pointy hats and long striped stockings more your style? Try dressing as the Witch of Endor. She may or may not have had a green face with a crooked nose and warts, but we do know she was skilled in her job and could hold a mean séance. 1 Samuel 28:7-8


Ghost of Samuel

Ghosts are popular characters at costume parties. All you need is a white sheet and scissors for eye holes. However, to really embody the ghost of Samuel look, you’ll have to dig deep. You need white hair, a robe, and crazy eyes. His appearance in the Bible was enough to scare the stuffing out of the medium and the king! You’ll also want to adopt a “why are you bothering me” attitude toward all other party guests. 1 Samuel 28:12-14


Were you hoping for a costume where you could use your fake blood makeup? Then Jezebel is the right choice for you. She was a typical evil queen who plotted against righteous people, harassed and murdered prophets and religious leaders, and probably ripped the wings off helpless flies while she was alive. She met an untimely end, however, when two of her own servants threw her out the window. Be sure to add lots of blood to your face and a couple horse hoof prints on your back. 2 Kings 9:30-37



If you like dressing comfortably, try this costume. All you need is tattered rags for clothes, something fit for a societal outcast, and messy hair. You’ll also need to cover your body with oozing, painful sores caused by an infectious skin disease. This is an especially good choice if you like keeping to yourself at parties. Just shout “Unclean!” every time someone comes near you. Leviticus 13:45-46


“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of an Israelite boy.” For this giant’s costume you’ll need a set of heavy bronze armor, a domineering swagger, and a mocking tone. You’ll also need a javelin, a spear, and a sword coated in blood. Oh yeah, this one’s also a decapitation, but with a beautiful bronze helmet on the severed head. 1 Samuel 17:5-7


This daunting military commander and his ferocious cavalry were brought to end by the Israelite army under Deborah’s leadership. To assemble this costume you will need a cup of warm milk, a cozy blanket, and a giant ‘Property of Jael’ tent peg through the temples. Judges 4:19, 21

nail thru head


If you’re left handed, you are sure to be a fan of Ehud, Israel’s most famous left-handed judge. What better way to memorialize him than by dressing as his victim, the notorious and overweight King Eglon. You’ll need a crown, some royal robes, a left-handed sword barely visible in an enormous gut, and an adult diaper. Judges 3:21-22


Wrap yourself in strips of cloth for grave clothes and put a towel over your face for the Lazarus look. You’ll also need a perfume with a combination scent of spices and the ‘dead four days in the desert without an embalming’ smell. John 11:58-44


For those of you waiting for the slutty costume, this is it. There are several prostitutes in the Bible to choose from. Get a couple friends to join you, and you could represent all of them! There’s Rahab, the lady of the evening who saved the spies by hiding them on the roof while she distracted the guards below (Joshua 2:1). Then there’s Tamar, the jilted woman who went undercover to seduce her father-in-law (Genesis 38:24). We also have Gomer, the promiscuous woman that Hosea the prophet married as God instructed him (Hosea 1:3). But most impressive of all is the great harlot of Revelation 17. She was so terrible that commentators disagree to this day about exactly who she was or is.


If the undead is your style, try dressing as reanimated corpse. You can choose the skeletal variety or the fleshy kind with tendons and skin. Ezekiel 37:7-8; Matthew 27:52



For the daring, this costume is so simple you can literally put it together at the last minute: the naked demoniac. All you’ll need is…nothing. Just be sure to foam at the mouth and cross your eyes a lot. If you have some broken chains laying around, those can be added for a nice touch. Special thanks to Jeff for this idea. Luke 8:27

Let us know if we missed your favorite scary or grisly Bible character. Have a safe and fun Halloween/Fall/Harvest/end of October!

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