Father Forgive Them

Caiaphas rubbed his chin, “We have got to get rid of Jesus!” he said to his fellow priest.

“He’s a threat!”

“He’s beyond a threat.  He forgives without offering sacrifices.  He socializes with the outcasts.  And this week he said he was going to tear down this temple and rebuild it in three days.  Tear down our temple!  And then he comes in scattering all the merchants this way and that proclaiming zeal for his Father’s house.  If we don’t get rid of Jesus, he’s going to lead people away from us, and before you know it, no one will be in the temple.  No, no, he’s far worse than a threat,” Caiaphas explained.

“And that means we no longer have a hold on the religion and we’d also lose our political power.”

“Exactly,” Caiaphas agreed.  “We need to get rid of him and there is only one way.  We must kill him, but not just any way.  We must kill him in a way that he will be an example as to scare off any other trouble makers that arise.  We don’t need any of his disciples taking his place in this rebellion against the temple.”


Judas clung onto the 30 pieces of silver as he led the Roman soldiers and chief priests to where Jesus was at in the Garden of Gethsemane.  What an easy way to earn money.  All he had to do was identify his Messiah.  Judas even found the perfect way to identify him, and it was with a kiss.  Such a simple deed for a good sum of money.


Pilate’s wife said to her servant, “Send a message to my husband.  Beg, plead and do whatever need be to make sure he doesn’t kill the innocent man on trial.  For I have been tortured about it all night long.  I can’t take it any longer!  Just tell him to free whoever the man is so I can be at peace.


The crowd became louder, “CRUCIFY HIM!  CRUCIFY HIM!”

Pilate heard the roar.  So to keep himself from being convicted of sentencing an innocent man to death, and from keeping a riot from occurring, he washed his hands and said, “I am innocent of this man’s blood.  It is your responsibility.”


“Hey aren’t you one of Jesus’ disciples?” a person in the crowd called.

Peter flinched.  Jesus was being sentenced.  What was going on?  It was happening so fast!  All Peter knew for sure is that if the people found out he was one of Jesus’ disciples, he would likely be in the same place as Jesus.  “No,” Peter denied Christ.


Jesus, beaten and bruised by the very people he loved and was saving, hung on the cross.  Nailed pierced his hands and feet.  The guards gambled over Jesus clothes.  People spit on him and mocked him.  His family crying.  The crowd dispersed. And Jesus called to His Father, “Father, forgive them…”

The only selfless deed in the entire tragedy that had unfolded.

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